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LA: Akashic Records Beginning Certification Class

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Dive deeper into the truth of your purpose. 

The Beginning Practitioner Certification Class helps you understand how to work in your own Records for a clearer connection with Source, and to gain supportive insight, guidance and wisdom for your own evolution. Soul contracts, soul missions, and related aspects of the soul’s desires can be explored in the Records, and we begin to understand the deeper spiritual reasons for the people and situations in our lives.

Guidance is often given from the Records to help the soul accomplish its true mission and its goals in this lifetime, and many times, past life issues related to current life challenges will come up to be understood and cleared. Anyone can learn to read the Akashic Records and connect directly with their energy and information.

This is a two-day workshop. Both days are required for certification. Upon completion, you'll be a certified Akashic Record practitioner. Space is extremely limited. 

DAY ONE: 12p-8p
DAY TWO: 12p-5p 

Required reading: How To Read The Akashic Records by Dr. Linda Howe. 

Important notice: Please no alcohol or recreational drugs 24 hours before class. All classes held in person.