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PHOENIX // Brighten + Expand Your Energetic Field: Reiki Circle and Power Crystals



Join Exhale Wellness and oh holisticism for an afternoon of brightening and expansion.

Why do you want an expansive aura, or energy field? The larger the radius of your aura, the more good you can do in the world. And the bigger your aura, the more attractive you are ... on a physical and spiritual level. 

If you're trying to call something (or someone) in, this workshop is for you. 

We'll begin with a healing reiki circle facilitated by Master Reiki practitioner Alexandra Ballensweig to clear our energetic fields, heal old hurts, and get our chakras spinning. 

Then, we'll walk through the best ways to expand your energy field on a regular basis—both practically and mystically. 

Yes, crystals will be involved. So will palo santo. 

Meet your fellow oh holisticism members, and get back to your brightest, lightest self.  

Where: Exhale Wellness 

Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm