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LA: Worth: The Self-Love and Money Connection

There's an undeniable connection between abundance and self-worth. When you value yourself, others see your value, too.

But self-worth isn't a fake-it-til-you-make-it situation. 

Developing deep, true self-worth takes time—as does building a robust, deep bank account. Listen, you're not gonna come to this workshop and wakeup as a Jeff Bezos-level billionaire the next day. But even just beginning to cultivate greater self-worth instantly increases your financial prosperity.

It's not magic—it's going to take a little work and a little discomfort. But it's so worth it. 

 You're so worth it. 

Invest in yourself. See your value. Begin to receive what you deserve. 

1 hr conversation around money and self-worth with financial expert Imelda Villalobos of Meditation & Money + 1-hr Energetic Heart Clearing with Sha'woman Julie Evonne Washington.