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GLOBAL: Magical Anger—How To Deal With It, Why It's Not Always a Bad Thing, and Using It To Get What We Want

So you're spiritual, and you'd like to think you've got a pretty good handle on your emotions (or at least an awareness, right?). 

But then some guy almost hits you with his car as you're crossing the street. Or you hear about another senseless act of violence in the world. Or you find out our President has threatened another group's basic human rights ... again. 

And you get a little fired up. 

What are we supposed to do with this anger? Burrow it down deep, ignore it, luxuriate in it, transmute it to something else? The answer is unclear—but we've got some ideas. 

Join us for a Zoom video call where we'll talk about the magic of anger. Michelle and Remy Ramirez will kick us off with a meditation, ritual, and start the conversation. Then we'll open up the floor to exchange ideas amongst the group.  

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