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LA: Tarot Reading 101 x Warrior Facials


Take a night off from holiday parties (and heels. and eggnog. and stress!) oh holisticism and True Botanicals for a fun and cozy slumber-party themed evening in West Hollywood. 

We'll learn two alternative methods for dealing with stress—the tarot, and warrior facials


 TAROT 101

Expert tarot reader Helen Schmidt teaches how to use the tarot in the modern age—not to use the cards to tell the future, but to use the cards to unveil the truth that's already in our hearts. You'll learn the basics, plus how to consult the tarot to help find clarity in decisions that we make daily. The best part? You'll go home with a beautiful new deck to practice on! 


A potent, regenerative and deeply empowering self-care practice designed to release stressful habits, the self-administered Warrior Facial Technique is
inspired by accounts of ancient warriors employing a self-massage designed to release trauma after battle and before sleeping. Exactly what you need during a stressful holiday season, right?

Practitioner Julie Civiello Polier teaches us a technique we can use anywhere to reduce stress and improve skin's tone and texture using natural, organic True Botanicals products


Tonight's all about de-stressing, having fun, and connecting with other dope women. Come in casual, comfortable clothes (pjs are encouraged) and prepare to be pampered and have fun. 

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