Lindsey Kimura

 via Kristine Lo 

via Kristine Lo 

meet Lindsey

With strong intuition, curiosity and visual imagination, I am a natural healer and intuit.  Intrigued by life's mysteries, I have been exploring metaphysics and the non-visible world since youth.

I offer guidance through readings and healing through intuitive energy work that combines a variety of modalities.  These sessions help remove energetic blockages, open energy channels, promote healing, and aid in restoring physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.  


Intuitive Reading Session

The insights and messages received from the One True Source assist you in navigating through situations.  These scenarios can be everyday issues or longer term transitions. If you feel stuck or uncertain about a relationship, living situation, career change, job, or health issue, a reading will provide clarity. The guidance helps unlock the next step(s). Sometimes readings are supplemented with astrological birth charts.

Reiki and Energy Healing Session

My light work removes energetic blockages and attachments and opens energy channels to promote the flow of life force throughout the body.  This healing aids to restore physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being and helps align you with your true nature and highest self.  

Each session is unique and includes light work, sound, aromatherapy, breath work, and crystals.  Physical sensation may feel like massage or acupuncture. Many clients report physical/emotional/mental relief.  The energetic experience may be deeply relaxing, stimulating, transformative, clarifying, eye-opening, or ethereal.


"Lindsey is a special soul. Her whimsical, humble yet confident nature makes for such a fun, nourishing and enriching reading experience. I have seen Lindsey for many modes of intuitive readings; reiki, crystal readings, chart reading, and tarot. Lindsey knows how to share just the right amount of information in a reading—she never leaves you feeling like your fate is set in stone, yet empowers you with enough with detail for you to navigate your path, and the decisions ahead and she helps illuminate the forces at play in your situation."

- Ali