helen schmidt


Meet Helen 

Helen's lifelong connection to music led her to Los Angeles in 2005. After spending five years working in the music industry in social media marketing, touring, and booking—during which she often consulted the Tarot for guidance—she pivoted career paths to pursue health and wellness full time as a certified life coach and Tarot guide. 

In 2016, Helen became the official resident Tarot Reader at Wanderlust Hollywood. She's also the founder of 78 Reasons


First Time Tarot Reading
A Holisticism Member Special. This 30-Minute reading is an in home Tarot reading where you'll get to meet Helen,  receive a reading, and experience the Tarot.

Tarot Reading
Readings with Helen are navigated by the Crowley-Thoth Tarot deck and fine-tuned with Astrology. All readings are about embracing your free will and clarifying your reality. 

why we love Helen

"Helen is the Tarot Reader-in-Residence for the oh holisticism newsletter, where she beautifully channels astrologically-themed messages for the whole OH crew. Personally, I love how Helen translates the esotericism of tarot into everyday life; her readings are relatable on the micro level (she helps you find clarity on dating, job stuff, and whether you should buy those shoes you've been dreaming about) and on the macro level ... you know, life purpose stuff. I can't recommend her enough!" 

- Michelle